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Pyramid Bows

Handcrafted Pyramid Bows

I usually make my pyramid bows from a single piece of hickory, build up in the handle area with alternating layers of and exotic hard wood. The tips are overlaid with the same timber as used in the handle lamination.

The top limb of the bows are longer so the limbs have to be specially tillered seperatley to get the bow balanced.

I can make these bow with a belly lamination, such as ipee, as well if required.

These design of these bow has taken me several years to develop, and I consider them my ‘signature bow’

Key Facts

  • Price: £240

  • Materials: Bows can be made using – Hickory, Bamboo, Lemon Wood, Purple Heart, Ipee, Blood Wood, Ebony,.
    Others dependant on availability.
  • Warranty: 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects

  • Shipping fees (approx): UK – £20, US – £50, Europe – £50, India – £75

I’m absolutely blown away by how smooth it is, the total lack of hand-shock and its effortless power. I must admit that I wasn’t really expecting too much from a hickory self bow but this one is amazing and as soon as I can sort out some self-nocked arrows I will be shooting it in the primitive class at an NFAS shoot.

My brother and a couple of other archers were shooting with me and couldn’t believe the cast and accuracy I was getting from this incredibly ‘pretty’ bow 🙂

Mike Grimble