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Primitive Bows

The term ‘primitive bow’ is used to describe any bow made from natural materials such as wood, horn and sinew. There are no pulleys, sights, stabiliser or other modern gadgets to help the archer.

I make a range of primitive bows, the most popular being the English longbow and pyramid bows.

English Longbows

Steeped in medieval mystery, these powerful bows were the weapon that struck fear into the hearts of the enemies of England, and accounted for the incredible victories at Agincourt and Crecy.

English Longbows

Pyramid Bows

This ancient bow design predates history and, with their progressively tapered limbs, are one of the fastest flatbow designs. Superb for target or hunting,


Other Primitive Bows

I also make a replica Meare Heath bow and Paddle bow. Others are available upon request.